Turn to East Penn for best selection to meet the rigorous demands of commercial starting, cycle service, and deep cycle auxiliary power.

Heavy-Duty Trucks
Our flooded and AGM battery solutions are designed to deliver first-class, heavy-duty power that covers the needs of large fleet operations to individual owner-operators. Our power solutions are so reliable, we like to call them “First Class for all Classes”

Heavy-Duty Buses
East Penn delivers the most trusted products for one the most important transportation services. Our commercial bus batteries not only have power and performance, but are built with the dependability and durability to handle frequent use and multiple stop-and-start situations.

Heavy-Duty Equipment
Earthmovers, dump trucks, crawlers, and other hard working heavy-duty equipment need a battery that’s as tough as the jobs these vehicles perform. With maximum reinforcement and power that just won’t quit, these batteries will keep the job site working at full force.

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Conventional flooded batteries can be extremely intimidated by the power demands of today’s vehicles – falling short of delivering critical dependability and performance. That’s why more customers need the premium AGM power of the Intimidator line of batteries.

DEKA Intimidator

Conventional automotive batteries can be extremely intimidated by the power demands of today’s vehicles – falling short of delivering critical dependability and performance. Cars, trucks, SUVs, and other passenger vehicles have more electronics than ever before. Intimidator automotive batteries are especially designed to handle factory installed electronics to anything that plugs in or turns on, and still deliver dependable starting power. With almost 2x the endurance* in severe service and 2x the cycle life*, these batteries are equipped for the toughest conditions and the

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Intimidator automotive batteries are also ideal for tuner cars or off-road vehicles, offering superior power for high-performance equipment and a highimpact design for rugged, back road adventures.

  • Premium maintenance-free starting and cycle service power
  • 20x more vibration protection* safeguards battery performance over time
  • Faster recharging powers more electronics longer
  • 2x the cycle life* extends performance and life
  • Spillproof design provides added protection for sophisticated electronic equipment * Compared to conventional designs

Deka Commercial Batteries

Keep Heavy-Duty Equipment Running at Top Performance

Demanding commercial equipment requires nothing less than the most powerful, reliable batteries. This complete line of the toughest commercial product is specially engineered for durability while meeting high power ratings for heavy-duty engines.

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  • Key Features and Benefits of the Deka Commercial Line n Genuine calcium lead alloy provides longer waterless operation and extended battery life.
  • Anchor-locked elements with full-frame grids and tight-packed commercial plates resist the damaging effects of vibration, delivering more power-per pound than other batteries.
  • Most of our commercial batteries contain premium “deep pocket” envelope separators, which protect the plates on all four sides to dramatically reduce shorting and extend service life.
  • Special computer-aided design and manufacturing means more durability for heavy-duty line-haul trucks, buses, farm tractors and off-road equipment.
  • Deka Commercial Batteries are available wet and some can be ordered bone-dry. Our special dry-charge process completely eliminates moisture for virtually unlimited shelf life when compared to inferior “moist-dry” types.
  • Most popular sizes feature tough polypropylene cases which resist breakage and extend service life. Many are also available with handles and special terminals for easy installation.
  • Deka offers the most complete line of enveloped calcium maintenance-free commercial batteries in the industry. Our line includes such hard-to-find group sizes as 5D.
  • More than 250 quality control checks ensure the highest quality